Kids talk

James, Thomas, Anna and Fariah, P7, tell Julia Belgutay whether they would rather live in a big city or in a village

Fariah: I would rather live in a big city, because in a big city there is more people, but in a village, you know the people but you won't have many friends.

Anna: There is more things to do in a big city. In the village, there's just, like, trees.

James: I'd prefer to live in a village.

Thomas: Villages sometimes have mountainsides beside them, but nowadays you have the big fans up there and I don't really like them. In a big city it is easier to talk to people, you are closer to people. In a village you are quite lonely.

James: It's more quieter in a village and you get more peace to yourself. In a village, you know everyone within a click of your fingers. You get to know everyone quickly.

Fariah: I quite like lots of people. If our school was really quiet, it wouldn't be good.

Anna: The city is really close to here.

Fariah: People in a village don't really like lots of people.

Thomas: In the city, they are more the talking type.

James: A lot of people in a village own a lot of cars because it can be small and you can just get to the shops quickly.

Fariah: Where you live depends on your personality.

Thomas: People just have to find an environment that suits them, in a way.

Anna: It depends on what they like, what they act like, what they like to do.

Fariah: I think if your family wanted to live in a village and you didn't, you'd just go along with it. But I'd be quite upset and lonely.

James: Sometimes I adapt to things well; sometimes I don't.

Anna: I think we said city because we live in a city and we don't know what it would be like if we didn't.

James: I had to adapt quite quickly because I moved from one place where it was very quiet to a capital and I have to live in a flat. I am having to get used to climbing two flights of stairs every day.

Thomas: If I lived in a village, I would probably be going outdoors rather than playing on my Xbox sometimes. But you usually find that some people in a village maybe might not have as much electricity, so they go outside more.

James: In a village, they will be more outgoing. It's a small space - not a lot of cars will pass through.

Thomas: You do get to go outside in a city, but not as much.

James: And you have to have boundaries.

Anna: Now we get to go outside because we are older and have phones.

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