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Daniel, Craig, Sophie and Louise, P5, talk to Julia Belgutay about their favourite colour

Daniel, Craig, Sophie and Louise, P5, talk to Julia Belgutay about their favourite colour

Craig: Mine is aquamarine

Sophie: Strange one!

Craig: It's light blue and I love it. I like the aqua bit more than the blue.

Sophie: Strange.

Craig: I like it on painted walls.

Louise: My favourite is aquamarine green, because I usually go to the park or my wee pond and it's sort of that colour. I really like it because it's quite light.

Daniel: At least we get to miss class.

Sophie: Purple. I like how it's dark and it's not, like, too girlie.

Craig: There aren't really girlie and boyish colours.

Daniel: Pink is girlie.

Craig: Not really. Anyone can like any colour.

Daniel: I have loads of shirts that are pink.

Sophie: I think light pink is a kind of girlie colour. Boys usually wear darker pink instead of light pink.

Daniel: You know years ago in the 1990s, or in the 1970s, 1972 or something - what would girls wear to clubs? Because in 1972, girls used to wear roller skates and roll around on roller skates.

Craig: In Menorca, in bars, they have people on roller skates serving you.

Daniel: I like red, because I am into these films that have murders in. Like Braveheart - I like that. And it's got "you know what" in it ... But it's all right - it doesn't have lots of it.

Craig: That's strange.

Daniel: I just like it.

Craig: I don't know why.

Daniel: Maybe because lots of things are red, like Spiderman. I used to be mad about Spiderman when I was younger.

Sophie: I don't like green. I don't know why - I just don't like it.

Daniel: That's my least favourite, too, because in cartoons when they are about to be sick, their faces turn green.

Craig: Same with me.

Louise: I've got a colour I don't like - dark brown. It's not the nicest colour, but light brown is all right.

Sophie: I used to have a dark green dress when I was younger, and my mum used to make me wear it.

Daniel: I don't like white - it's like what the woman wears at a wedding.

Craig: The thing I don't really like wearing is probably pink skinny jeans. I don't like them at all.

Daniel: My dad used to force me to wear pink chinos to a party.

Sophie: I like white because you can mix it with other colours. I once wore a black top and then red leggings and black shoes and it really suited.

Craig: I like to wear white with pictures on, or yellow with pictures on.

Daniel: I like to wear red polo shirts.

Sophie: Most of my clothes probably have some part of black on them.

Daniel: I like those shirts that have black and then have a line down the front with buttons.

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