Kids talk

Luke, Polly and Julia, P1, talk to Julia Belgutay about what they want to be when they grow up

Polly: I want to be a fireman. I don't know why.

Julia: My dad says I have to be a doctor but I want to be a girl who looks after pets. Pets like you have at home.

Luke: Like I have. I have a cat.

Polly: I don't have any.

Julia: At Poland, I have got two horses....

Luke: A dog that ran away!

Julia: I had two dogs, and then one ran away, and I got one dog, two horses, one cat and one more dog.

Polly: I want to be a bow and arrow guy. An archer. I like archery. One time I got it in the bullseye and I got 12 points and I got it in blue. I think I would be a good archer.

Julia: I like doing these things but I want to be something else, because I got that at home, but I don't want to be that. I don't want to be a doctor because right now I don't want to be. Maybe later I will think and think, and then I will think: "I don't want to be that - I want to be a doctor."

Luke: You could be both.

Polly: You could work on one day a doctor and on the other day a pet look-after. You could be a pet babysitter.

Luke: I want to be that. And an archer. A bit of both.

Julia: I can be a little bit a vet - on one day a vet, on the other day a doctor.

Polly: Or you could do the same thing the other way around.

Luke: You could do 11 days of docting and then 12 days of babysitting pets.

Julia: Or maybe the bullseye thing for ever.

Luke: I will do it for ever.

Polly: Or I might decide when I get older I might not want to be a fireman. I might want to be a nurse. I would love it. Or a police.

Julia: I would love being a police, because you can arrest people and I am very interested in what it looks like inside the police station. Once, two policemens went to our school.

Polly: And then we got to go in their van, walk through the prisoner bit, then come out of the door.

Luke: Just like in a big circle. We walked, and then we were back where we started.

Julia: And then one policeman hit the alarm.

Luke: We were in the hall and then we heard the siren and I thought it was a police car going to an emergency.

Julia: The most boring job is a fireman.

Luke: Because it is really long to put out fires?

Julia: No, because I don't like these clothes.

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