Kids Talk

Finn, Eilidh and Pablo, P5, talk to Julia Belgutay about their favourite celebrity

Pablo: Mine is Lionel Messi because he is amazing. I just don't know sometimes how he does things. Remember that goal against Madrid? That was just amazing.

Finn: I would probably pick Ant and Dec. They are just so funny and they have some of the best TV shows. My favourite is I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here. And they both support Newcastle United. I don't know what makes them so funny, I think they might just make it up as they go along. But they are really good at what they do. Maybe they get special coaching or something.

Eilidh: I was going to pick JLS, but then I realised they have just split up, so I can't exactly do that. I have loved them ever since Primary 1. If not them, I would probably pick Alan Carr, because he is hilarious. He is really good, he is really funny, and he makes it up as he goes along. He is quite out of the box.

Pablo: She has been nagging on about them (JLS) since P1.

Finn: I have actually watched a concert on TV that Eilidh was at.

Eilidh: Everyone in my class hates them, apart from, like, three people.

Pablo: Their songs are just so cheesy.

Eilidh: Shut up! Offence taken.

Pablo: I think the guy from An Idiot Abroad. He says the stupidest things. It's just crazy. He is so funny.

Eilidh: Everyone we have picked is funny, apart from Messi. I think we picked funny people because if it is just a singer or something you get bored quite easily.

Pablo: JLS.

Eilidh: You get the album, and you hear the songs again and again and again, and you go to their concerts, and you listen to the album again. With the funny people unless you have their tour video, they are always thinking up something new.

Pablo: Like with An Idiot Abroad, there is An Idiot Abroad 1, 2, 3.

Eilidh: I think the worst celebrities are One Direction.

Pablo: Keith Lemon.

Eilidh: Keith Lemon and One Direction.

Finn: He is horrible.

Pablo: He (Keith Lemon) is very inappropriate. Inappropriate to mankind.

Eilidh: His moustache is scary. The other worst celebrity is Gok Wan. He is just annoying.

Pablo: One Direction is really bad. Their hair.

Eilidh: Harry Styles.

Pablo: Oh, what a name! Harry Styles. I don't see how just someone who sings a song can get so much money from other people.

Eilidh: Harry Styles is the one who always gets like two verses to themselves, everyone else just get a bit of the chorus.

Finn: When I first heard about them I thought it was One Dimension.

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