Kids talk

Lukas, Cruz and Paul, P1, talk to Julia Belgutay about their favourite holiday destination

Lukas: I want to go to Tenerife, 'cos it's a nice place. There are swimming pools and trampolines and a golf bit. It has lots of sand and, like, four swimming pools.

Paul: I want to go to Mexico, because for five minutes it's raining and then for the next wee 10 minutes its sunny and warm and you get to go in the pools. And there is a wee football bit. I like going on to the trampolines as well. I am going on a nine-hours plane to get there. I got a jab for it as well. I am looking forward to the flight because it's got nice drinks and food.

Cruz: I would like to go to Spain, because the hotel I went to last year had a wee football park in it and it had a pool on the inside and the outside and it had baby pools and Jacuzzis. I always wanted to go to the football park - that's what I loved about it. But I don't like going on a plane because my ears get sore. Dead sore.

Paul: One time I went to Turkey and I popped them, like 10 or 15 times, and the 10th time it came out.

Lukas: It's a long time to fly to Tenerife. It was quite boring. I just had to sit down and watch the iPad and try and get some sweets and drinks. You can pick any food, except for McDonald's. When you first go into a pool, in the moment it is quite feeling cold, but in a minute it starts getting warm.

Cruz: When you get in it, you are not used to it, but then you start getting used to it.

Paul: For the first 10, 15 minutes you are cold, but for the other 10 minutes you are hot. And then you go and have a shower.

Lukas: My mum never goes in the pool because of her hair - because if she goes in the pool it's dead hard to get up again. In Tenerife they speak Spanish.

Paul: Some speak English and some speak their normal language.

Lukas: In Spanish for "hello", when you go into a bar to get a drink or food, you say "ola". I can't speak any more Spanish.

Cruz: When I just talk to people on holiday, they understand. But one time, I was getting something from the bar and they couldn't understand what I was saying because I was speaking Scottish.

Paul: In Turkey, I speaked English and a few of them understanded me. Some of them know Scottish.

Lukas: I was going to say that, Paul! I quite like some crisps.

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