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Rebecca, Chloe, Shannon, Chloe II and Scott, S1, tell Julia Belgutay what they would do if they were First Minister

Rebecca, Chloe, Shannon, Chloe II and Scott, S1, tell Julia Belgutay what they would do if they were First Minister

Scott: Today, we are finishing school at quarter to four. If I was First Minister I would make it so we are finishing at three all the time.

Chloe: I would have no school at all. I just don't enjoy it.

Chloe II: I would hold big exciting events, like concerts, all the time - gymnastics and big massive competitions and stuff.

Scott: I would make competitions where you wouldn't need to be 18 or anything, you would just need to phone in. But you would have to be five. Otherwise you would need a baby phone.

Chloe II: I would be home-schooled. So whatever subjects you are good at and you enjoy, you could do those. And your pals, if they enjoyed them, they could come with you and be in your living room and learn.

Shannon: I would be learning cooking, and art. I would do English.

Chloe II: You could do a first aid course in school. I think doctors and people should get paid more. Footballers get paid loads, but doctors save people's lives and don't get as much.

Scott: They don't save all people's lives.

Chloe II: No, but some.

Chloe: I think we would need to make more buses if we were First Minister, because there aren't enough.

Shannon: And make the bus fares cheaper.

Chloe II: I know, because they went up!

Scott: Trains are quite cheap, I think. I went to Helensburgh and it was free for a child as long as you were with an adult.

Chloe: I would do a speech on crime. Too many people are getting killed.

Scott: That's because of football and all that. People just have to learn to be nice.

Chloe: People have arguments, which then start getting bigger, and then people get killed.

Shannon: I would not want to be First Minister! It would be too much hard work and it would be boring every day, having to go into Parliament and doing big speeches.

Chloe II: I wouldn't like the paperwork of being First Minister.

Scott: I would hire somebody just to do everything. You are the First Minister, like, so you should go out, go to hospitals, speak to children and that!

Chloe: Why is Africa poor? Why can people not just give them money?

Scott: Celebrities have got this much money and then they throw it away. It's gone in the space of two weeks. Footballers, they buy motors.

Chloe: We should be collecting money for all the poor people.

Shannon: See, in home ec, we are learning about the environment and slaves that make our clothes, and they don't get paid anything for it.

Scott: In an advert, it says every 20 seconds someone in Africa will die.

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