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Rhys, Daisy and Abbie, P5, tell Julia Belgutay what makes someone Scottish

Rhys: I know one thing that makes someone Scottish - their accent, maybe, and the way they do things and their history. It also has something to do with where you are born.

Daisy: I was born in Scotland and then I moved to England, and then I came back up again, and I am Scottish because I was born here and my dad is Scottish. My mum is English.

Rhys: What things you eat also makes you Scottish. Like steak pies and certain types of meat.

Abbie: Some people in the playground say they are Scottish because they are playing that game, and some say they are English because they are playing that other game.

Rhys: Scottish people play Highland games. They do dancing quite a lot.

Abbie: Yeah, Highland dancing.

Daisy: English people play a lot of catch games and adventure games, because usually they go outside on a nice day. In England, they don't have a certain kind of dance like we in Scotland do.

Rhys: It's maybe also about where you live.

Abbie: Or maybe if your mum and dad are Scottish.

Daisy: Genetics. I love that word.

Abbie: I think even if you weren't born here and your parents weren't from here, you could still be Scottish. If you only lived in France for five years, for example, and lived in Scotland for 45 years, you could still be Scottish.

Rhys: It depends how long a period you are in the different country for. Say you have been in Scotland for five years and then in France for six years, that would make you French. I'm Scottish because of my accent and all the things I like. I like steak pies. I love planes as well. I want to be an air force pilot when I am older. You get tons of money. You get about #163;1,000 every hour you are in the air, depending on the airline.

Abbie: I'm Scottish. My whole family is Scottish and I have never even been abroad.

Rhys: Part of being Scottish is you can join in with Scottish people. Sometimes, they won't let you join in - certain countries don't let you do that.

Daisy: I have Scottish and English genes and I have an English accent.

Abbie: Most of the time you do.

Daisy: Yeah, but because I think it's a bit weird for a person with an English accent to be in a Scottish school, I usually put on a Scottish accent. Scottish people are friendly, though.

Abbie: Some Scottish people can be a bit picky, but you don't need to get in with them. I am not one of the picky ones. I get a bit picky, I will admit that, but I don't get too picky with people.

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