Kids Talk

Eilidh, Molly and Kyle, P1, tell Julia Belgutay what they think their teachers do after school hours

Kyle: I think they stay doing work. Like paperwork and writing. Things like: "Kyle was really good today."

Molly: Or maybe they are just printing off work for us to do. Most of the time we get printed out work to do.

Eilidh: I think they stay at school and just do the certificates. We get certificates for, like, being good, or maybe winning something like throwing a ball.

Kyle: That's achievement, isn't it?

Molly: One time I saw one of our teachers in the classroom when I was about to go home, because she always leaves her window open, 'cos it does get a bit hot. I saw her on the computer. So still I think she might have been printing out things.

Eilidh: I think when we all go home they still stay in school and have a meeting. Maybe they talk about who has been good and who has been being bad. But they have to go home at some point because there are no beds in the school.

Kyle: There is only one bed in the resource room. How would all the teachers fit in that?

Molly: They would have to sleep on the couches.

Kyle: The bed is a really small size, and there are teachers up to Primary 7s. They won't fit. I think they go home at about midnight.

Molly: They can't go home at midnight! Half past one, maybe.

Eilidh: Or half past seven. I don't know what time it is. When they get home, they probably have dinner.

Kyle: And then they watch TV. Their favourite shows. Like Scooby Doo.

Molly: Why would they be watching Scooby Doo? Maybe they are watching, do you know the guy who makes jokes on TV? They might be watching some of that, maybe.

Kyle: I think they are watching Scooby Doo.

Eilidh: I think they have dessert after their dinner.

Molly: I think when they get home, the teachers fall asleep. It's very hard being a teacher. I don't think they like doing the paperwork, because all they have to do is write, and they get sore hands.

Kyle: I think what they like best about their job is going home. It must be. But if they don't do their paperwork, they might get fired.

Eilidh: Or the children might get bored if they weren't given any work to do.

Molly: I would get bored. I love doing the work.

Eilidh: I hate it.

Molly: Hate is a very strong word to use, Eilidh.

Eilidh: I do not like it.

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