Kids Talk

Bryony, Jasmine and Evan, P2, talk to Julia Belgutay about their favourite animal

Jasmine: My favourite animal is a hamster, because they are soft.

Bryony: Mine is a dolphin, because they go up and down.

Jasmine: I like that because then you get to see them.

Bryony: I saw a few dolphins, and they just popped their heads up and then down again.

Evan: My dad once saw a shark when he was a little boy.

Jasmine: I hope that was in a tank.

Evan: It wasn't.

Jasmine: That means I am never going in the sea. Did he get eaten up by it?

Evan: No. It was when he was a little boy and he was with my gran. My favourite animal is a dog, because I like the way it barks.

Bryony: I find that scary.

Jasmine: Me too. I will never really like dogs.

Bryony: I only like puppies.

Jasmine: I like kittens, because they meow and they are not as loud as my nanna's cat, because she is older.

Evan: I like big dogs.

Jasmine: Do you like spiders?

Evan: Yeah! I know someone who really likes them, 'cos he eats them. Bear Grylls. And someone I know in P6 ate a snail once. In France. But he took the shell off.

Bryony: That would make your teeth break!

Jasmine: I have a hamster. The one thing I don't like that they do is they bite the bars. I hate that noise. But hamsters just do that.

Bryony: I don't really want any pets. My mum and dad don't like them.

Evan: I would never have a dog in the house, because my brother would probably think it is a horsey and ride it. He is only two.

Jasmine: I am saving up for a horse.

Evan: I would like a goldfish, because they are harmless.

Jasmine: I have two fish. They eat four bits of food every day, because they are very fat. One is called Nemo and one is called Thomas, like the tank engine.

Evan: Have you called him Nemo because he is orange and has stripes? And does he talk?

Jasmine: No, he just goes round and round. Animals don't talk.

Bryony: Hamsters do.

Jasmine: I really, really wouldn't want another hamster, because of the way they bite the bars.

Bryony: I wouldn't like a snake. That would just strangle you.

Jasmine: I know someone who had a tarantula on his arm. He said it was tickly.

Evan: I held a snake in nursery.

Jasmine: What? That is very scary. My friend has got a guinea pig. I would like one, but my mum won't let me have one, because I have a hamster. They don't have bars, they have plastic bits, so they can't bite them.

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