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Ellie, Shereif and Tagwa, S3, talk to Julia Belgutay about independence for Scotland

Ellie, Shereif and Tagwa, S3, talk to Julia Belgutay about independence for Scotland

Tagwa: I quite like being part of the UK. I feel I belong to somewhere.

Ellie: I think Scottish people would benefit from being independent, but we couldn't sustain ourselves as an independent country. We just don't have enough exports. The thing is, Margaret Thatcher closed down all our industries. Whisky isn't going to sustain the country, is it? I would be glad to be proven wrong, though.

Shereif: I don't see much of a difference between being independent and not being independent. If we were independent, we wouldn't have as much support, so I don't really mind sticking with the UK.

Ellie: It's an issue of national pride, though, isn't it?

Tagwa: You could still be a proud British person.

Ellie: Why would you want to be proud of that?

Tagwa: It shows that we care about England and Wales!

Shereif: But I don't think the Scottish care too much about England. That could prove troublesome if we were separate nations.

Ellie: Exactly. Think about all the wars that have gone on in the past! The English have been fairly nasty to the Scottish.

Tagwa: And so have the Scottish been to the English - in return for what the English have done to the Scottish.

Shereif: You can see in the general public that there is conflict between the two, so something might happen. There will be conflict, for sure, if they do split up the nations.

Tagwa: If you are English living in Scotland, if Scotland becomes its own place, you are going to have a really, really hard time.

Ellie: England has come into Scotland and they built their nuclear weapons defences in Scotland; they built the Queen's residence in Scotland. I just feel slightly uncomfortable with having all these English things in Scotland.

Tagwa: I think it would take us forever just to get on our feet if we went for independence.

Ellie: Also, because everyone has such varied opinions about it, it would be so difficult to get to an agreement that everyone is satisfied with. And if you rush it, it will fall apart.

Shereif: You would have to make a massive list of conditions that would take a really long time.

Tagwa: I think we should get some independence, but just not break away from the UK.

Shereif: England and Scotland and Wales are connected; there is no reason why we should split up. In future terms, if there is ever any military trouble, we want to depend on the whole ally system.

Ellie: Do you know what would be really nice? If we had our own government, not like now where so much power is in Westminster, but funded by England. That is incredibly unlikely and there is no way the English are going to go for that.

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