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Maria, Erin and Sophie, P6, talk to Julia Belgutay about what annoys them about the adults around them

Maria, Erin and Sophie, P6, talk to Julia Belgutay about what annoys them about the adults around them

Maria: I hate it when teachers, instead of saying "be quiet", they go, "I don't think I asked you to talk", instead of just going, "Can you just be quiet, class". I think that is really annoying.

Sophie: I think it is annoying when teachers start counting 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, but then they say 5 quietly, so no one hears it! Instead of just asking us to be quiet. And they do it too often!

Maria: Sometimes, when you work and you are not facing the teacher, and someone is talking beside you, they are like: "Maria, are you talking?" - and you are like, "No, I'm not'.

Sophie: I don't like it when teachers smirk when you say stuff.

Maria: I don't really think that with teachers, but sometimes when you say something to an adult, they are like "What?" - and it's not actually that weird a thing; you are just asking a question. And some teachers talk to you like you are really, really little.

Erin: The most annoying thing about that is that sometimes, when you are talking to a teacher, another teacher will come over and start talking.

Maria: I sometimes feel like saying, "I was talking!"

Sophie: The teachers give us a big lecture, but they don't really give us a chance to say what we want to say. With parents and teachers, they are so above you that when they give you a big row for something you haven't done, you can't just say, "Well, I didn't do that."

Erin: You get some adults who are really nice, but you get some who because they are older, they think they are in charge of you. They say respect your elders, which means my little brother has to respect me, but he doesn't respect me. Oh, and I hate it when old people have stories to tell, they just go on and on!

Maria: When I was a young person .

Sophie: Do you know what I also hate? When you say to an adult, "When can we do this?" and they say "soon", and "soon" is, like, never.

Maria: My dad drives me crazy. He is perfectly happy with me going to the Cross by myself and then one day he just decides I can't go on my own. He changes the rules just because he feels like it.

Erin: I hate it when you are having a sleepover and they come in in the middle of the conversation.

Maria: And you say, "We can't really talk about this in front of you!"

Erin: We had a sleepover a while ago, and we were having a conversation about something very private and secretive, and my mum just walked in when we were in the middle of it, and we were like, "Can you go out please?" and she said, "Oh no, its OK - just carry on". And we were like, "No, we really can't".

Maria: She was like, "Pretend I am not here", and we were like, "Not going to happen".

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