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Ross and Luc, S1, talk to Julia Belgutay about what is `cool'

Ross and Luc, S1, talk to Julia Belgutay about what is `cool'

Luc: Something is cool when it is in fashion, something that a lot of people do and people who are more popular, the things they do.

Ross: I would think that cool is, I wouldn't say old-fashioned, but in between the modern age and old-fashioned. That is kind of cool, they had quite awesome stuff in those days. Awesome.

Luc: Skinny jeans are cool. Trainers. And you know those jumpers that some people wear that are like 1950s jumpers, I quite like them.

Ross: They are amazing, I agree. Old-fashioned cars are cool, fast ones especially. Like the Porsche 911 when it first came out, that was quite nice. I think if you wear your trousers halfway down your knees, that is not cool. Some people have hardly any decency.

Luc: Like me.

Ross: No, not like you.

Luc: People who are full of themselves, that's not cool.

Ross: I think Luc is really cool because he is funny and he acts quite cool. He is not like shy or anything around anybody.

Luc: People who are shy, I don't like that, because they think it's cool. They think it is uncool to be themselves, but it is actually quite cool. It's fun because you end up making more friends if you are yourself. There is one of my mates, Gabriel, he is not the smartest person ever, but everything he does is just so funny, and most of the time it's on purpose. He is kind of my idol, really.

Ross: It is quite important that you have your own style. It is your choice what you wear, it is up to you; it is up to you what you want to be.

Luc: Flicking your hair is annoying. Some girls do it every two minutes. You just think, cut your hair!

Ross: When I look at girls, I just go with mainstream, because we have already said some girls are really full of themselves; the whole world evolves around them. It is all about them.

Luc: There are enough of those in the school. But I go for people who maybe dress mainstream, but their personality isn't, they are a bit different. Humour is quite important.

Ross: Quite important, aye. You can't have no sense of humour.

Luc: People just go round not smiling, their faces are always serious. Boys used to try to be hard. With some people, it is their kind of fashion and you get used to them being like that. With others, you just think "be yourself, really, enjoy things". Some people say how cool you are by what car you turn up at school in. And that's your parents' choice, or whoever you are living with, and you are like "drop me off at the bottom of the street".

Ross: Don't drop me off at school, just drop me off at the corner. I think you can't decide immediately if someone is cool or not.

Luc: Yeah, you have to get to know them first.

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