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Elle, Amy, Kerry, Sukhpal and Jordan, S56, talk to Julia Belgutay about talent shows

Elle, Amy, Kerry, Sukhpal and Jordan, S56, talk to Julia Belgutay about talent shows

Elle: I don't really watch them, because there is never anyone good on them.

Sukhpal: I think it is funny when you see someone who can't sing trying to sing, or attempting something that is just not going to happen.

Kerry: The reactions as well, when they are told they are not very good, as if they were surprised. You see them standing there with their families backstage, and you are like: "What are you doing?"

Jordan: And what about the dancing ones?

Amy: X-Factor and Britain's Got Talent more people watch.

Kerry: And they have more famous judges. I like to see what Cheryl Cole is wearing.

Sukhpal: I am more interested in the ones who do badly.

Kerry: The ones that are OK no one ever remembers. You remember the ones that are really good and the ones that were really bad.

Jordan: If one of us went on, everyone would support you, even if you were rubbish - they would still want to see you on TV.

Kerry: If you knew them, you'd think it was funny, so you would support them.

Amy: If they were good, I would support them, but if they were bad and they were my friends I would tell them.

Sukhpal: It's entertainment.

Kerry: I don't think the show would be what it was without the bad people.

Sukhpal: I think Wagner was a great hit.

Amy: He was a joke.

Sukhpal: You looked forward to seeing him.

Kerry: More boys than girls, I think. Boys just find him so funny. People we know actually voted for him.

Sukhpal: I would have!

Amy: Boys don't go for the ones who are good singers.

Jordan: I care about good looks. That's what boys do.

Sukhpal: It's a bit of both. They should probably be good-looking first and then a good singer, `cos like, I don't know, it's just. aye.

Kerry: If your first impression was they were good-looking, you would probably like them, but if they were really bad, you would be like, well.

Elle: They always have a sob story.

Amy: Fair enough if people have a reason for going on it, but some exaggerate just so people vote for them. If your life was that bad, you wouldn't go on X-Factor.

Amy: I don't think SuBo had a sob story. People made that up for her. She never complained about anything.

Sukhpal: I love her. She is like a god.

Amy: She makes me cringe. When she starts singing, fair enough, but as soon as she speaks: Oooh!.

Sukhpal: I give them that.

Jordan: Her voice just blew me away.

Amy: Because you weren't expecting it.

Sukhpal: SuBo didn't have anything going for her. She wasn't exactly the best looking, but that voice.

Amy: SuBo was against everything we just said.

Sukhpal: Exactly, yeah, she defied her odds.

Kerry: She came in so calm, then when she started singing there was such a big deal about it.

Amy: She is still a bit crazy though, isn't she?

Jordan: Is she not looking for a guy?

Sukhpal: I'll be her husband!

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