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Dylan and Haydn, P6, tell Julia Belgutay what makes a good lesson

Dylan and Haydn, P6, tell Julia Belgutay what makes a good lesson

Haydn: Sometimes we go outside with a booklet, and we try and find these numbers. Behind them they have a question, like 6 x 9 and we have to answer it, and when we are all done we come back. So it's like maths made fun.

Dylan: How it's really, really fun is sometimes teachers get involved in it. What I think is quite boring sometimes is if the teacher just sits, texting on the phone.

Haydn: Yeah, that does happen.

Dylan: What is quite boring is when you get told "heads down, get the textbook".

Haydn: Because you have to keep going and when you get finished, you get to read or something, but see, while you are doing it, you can't stop! Because our teacher, when you take a break, she says "Haydn, get back to work". But she is only like that with textbooks - she is a whole other story when she is outside.

Dylan: Our teacher used to be an art teacher, so she gets us to do a lot of art. Some people don't like the art; I like art quite a lot. When she lets us do free art, do whatever we want, that makes quite an awesome teacher.

Haydn: What I want to do is learn how to do really good sketches, like drawings and all that, because my mum is a really good painter.

Dylan: When you are doing gym and art, you don't have everyone having to be quiet. You are allowed to get creative. You are allowed to talk to friends, get different ideas, which I think is really good. It's important that you just get your hands busy doing something.

Haydn: But Dylan is a really good creator, I would say. I, on the other hand, am not that creative. I am the computer guy you walk up to and ask about cheats and hacks and all that.

Dylan: Our teacher knows what we are good at, and that's really important. We don't do much reading - we like to read, but we don't like sitting down.

Haydn: We like to get to the point.

Dylan: We don't like to read a whole chunk of text, we just like to pick out the main words.

Haydn: Things can get boring when they are too easy. In P6, we are actually doing harder work than P7, because we are doing work from high school.

Dylan: We just threw out the primary school books and brought in the high school ones. We have almost finished the high school books already.

Haydn: It's like A = L x B and you've got area = length x breadth and all that.

Dylan: Algebra was quite hard, but it's fun once you get the hang of it. You just think "Wow, I just did that work that I probably never knew that I could be able to complete."

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