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Primary 3 pupils Darren, Heidi, Rahmooni and Abbie tell Douglas Blane what teachers do in their spare time

Primary 3 pupils Darren, Heidi, Rahmooni and Abbie tell Douglas Blane what teachers do in their spare time

Heidi: I think they just chill from a hard day at work.

Darren: I think they stay in school and write the names for the next people and do things for us. Our new teacher yesterday already knew our names, cos she made pencils and whiteboards for us.

Heidi: She got all of them correct with one shot.

Darren: She already knew me because my big sister was in her class. She didn't know Rahmooni that much because he's got a long name.

Abbie: She knew me because my brother was in her class.

Darren: He has a long name but I can spell it - ar, ai, aitch, em, oh, oh, eye.

Heidi: It's en, eye, Darren.

Darren: Can I borrow your pen? I can write it.

Rahmooni: Let me see. Yes, that's right.

Abbie: I think teachers on holiday just lie about, being lazy. They go to the cinemas. Go to the beach. Go ... I don't know where.

Heidi: My teacher told me she goes home and laminates things for the next day at school ... For golden time and stuff, so we can play games. Instead of doing it in one day because they don't have time.

Darren: Teachers leave on the same day as us, but they come back in and do stuff for their next children, while we're still on our holidays. They remove stuff from the walls. Like if the walls are pink or faded, they paint them white again.

Heidi: I think they go home and laminate stuff for us and after they do that they can have a wee rest. When we're off school they're still in school. It's just work, work, work if you're a teacher.

Darren: I think they take a holiday like us. They get on a plane and go somewhere to a beach.

Heidi: I think it's hard being a teacher. There's hundreds of children and you can't keep your eye on all of them at the one time.

Darren: Our new teacher can. She always knows who's talking.

Abbie: I can do that.

Heidi: I can do that. too. If I look at Abbie like this, I can still see you.

Darren: If I look at someone else I can still see you.

Heidi: Let's go up to the board, Abbie, and show them. Darren and Rahmooni, you talk and we'll write on the board.

Darren: Whisper.

Rahmooni: Whisper, whisper.

Heidi: Stop talking right now, Darren and Rahmooni!

Rahmooni: I'm feeling hot.

Heidi: I'm not sure teachers get a holiday.

Darren: Is that us finished?

Rahmooni: Can we go and get lunch now?

Abbie: See ya.

Darren: When can we talk to you again?

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