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Darcey, Chloe, William, Tyler and Jay (P5) talk to Julia Belgutay about their favourite gadgets

Darcey, Chloe, William, Tyler and Jay (P5) talk to Julia Belgutay about their favourite gadgets

Darcey: My favourite gadgets are my phone and my laptop, because I'm always texting people like my friends and my aunties and my cousins.

William: Mine is my PS3 and my laptop. I don't spend that much time on it because my sister is older, she is on it the most, and me and my brother take turns on the PS3. I play Call of Duty, that's an army game, and Fifa.

Chloe: I text my nanna, but she doesn't know how to pick up the phone.

Darcey: I text nearly everyone on my school bus.

Chloe: I only have my aunties, my cousins and my sister's friend that I text all the time.

Tyler: I deleted him (William) because he texts me too much.

William: You text back!

Chloe: My cousin doesn't text me back when I text him. It's just that because I am his wee cousin, he doesn't like to talk to me.

Darcey: I text people when they say they got texts and then I text them and then they text me.

Jay: I hardly sent any texts.

Tyler: The most I have done is about 100 to one person.

Darcey: I don't count how many texts I send. Since Boxing Day I had 300 texts and on 7 January I only had five left.

Chloe: I get 132 texts every month.

Jay: I hardly text anybody!

Darcey: When I get more money on my phone, then I get unlimited texts.

Jay: I just phone people if I need to, and that's pretty much it.

Tyler: I just phoned my dad there.

William: I did that with my dad when he was on the bus.

Jay: I could live without my phone.

Darcey: I couldn't.

Chloe: I couldn't either.

William: I download songs onto my phone nearly every Saturday.

Jay: If you want music, just stick on the CD player.

Tyler: I think we could live without it - because we could just walk to one of our pals because, most of them, we know where they live.

Jay: Because I don't send 295 texts in two weeks or something. I maybe texted two per year.

Tyler: That's just crazy.

Darcey: I also have a DS, but I don't really go on the internet with mine.

Jay: I use my X-Box. I play Fifa. You can play when it's raining, you can play Fifa in any weather.

Darcey: I am rubbish at it, I can't do it. I just go out and fling the ball at my cousin. Tyler: You should be playing girls' games.

Chloe: Not all girls play girls' games. My room doesn't look like a girl's room - it's messy.

Jay: They should be playing with Barbies and dolls and stuff.

Chloe: I gave that away five years ago.

Darcey: I gave that away to my little cousin, and she's only two, and I gave it away to her two years ago. I play car games and everything. Even my iPod has got Fifa on it and Grand Theft Auto.

Jay: We play a lot of things.

Chloe: Most things you can imagine that boys play. Like "The alien comes to earth" or something.

William: That's not a game.

Chloe: Girls can play anything that boys can.

Tyler: You couldn't jump off the World Trade Centre, nobody could do that.

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