Kids talk

Jack, Tyler and Aji, P7, talk to Julia Belgutay about how and why someone becomes a teacher

Jack: I think people become teachers either because they want to teach kids and make kids have better knowledge - or they are really grumpy, they don't like kids and they want to punish us.

Aji: That is true. Some teachers mostly shout at us and give us detention. Sometimes for no reason.

Jack: We have a rules and responsibilities sheet, and your responsibilities are to respect the teacher, and as a right you get respect from the teacher. And yet, I don't want to name a teacher, but I think Aji and Tyler might know who I am talking about, one of them just doesn't listen and won't respect us. It's horrible.

Aji: You need to have a good education to become a teacher.

Jack: You need to go to university or college. You learn how to be a good teacher.

Aji: You also need to know how to take care of kids.

Tyler: You need to have a really loud voice. You would have to be really good at teaching like maths and things.

Jack: You don't really need to be good at maths. You need to kinda know who you are going to be teaching, because that way you can train for a certain level. It would be horrible if you trained for Primary 1s and got Primary 7s.

Aji: And you need to know what you need to do. I think you can tell really quickly if a teacher knows their subject, because they can give you hard work.

Jack: If they give you hard work and you can't do it, you ask for help and they will be able to do it.

Aji: If they tell you the answer you can check with the calculator to see if it's right.

Jack: If they are not good at it, they are not going to be able to help you with anything. Either that, or they will just ignore you, which makes them look like they know but they don't.

Aji: And it leaves you dumb.

Jack: I think teachers also learn if a kid comes up and says "He hit me", how to let each of them tell the story.

Aji: Some teachers don't let you do that. And not every teacher is nice. Teachers should learn not to be bossy.

Jack: And they should learn to be helpful. If you get hurt and no one sees you, they just ignore you. They should have to learn to pay more attention.

Aji: They shouldn't try and get involved in friendship stuff and try and be cool.

Jack: They should try not to do that, because they just embarrass themselves. If they know for a fact that it is going to be cool with the kids and everyone will like it, then they should do it. Only do it if you know for a fact it is going to work.

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