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Grace, Robby and Charley, P1, talk to Julia Belgutay about the joys of P1

Grace, Robby and Charley, P1, talk to Julia Belgutay about the joys of P1

Charley: I really like learning letters with the teacher.

Robby: And I like Today's Sound.

Grace: So do I!

Robby: Today it was "you, you, you, you, you", but actually it's just "u".

Charley: First we were learning one sound a day.

Robby: But now we only have two sounds left!

Charley: First we were doing only one sound, now we are on to two sounds at the same time.

Grace: Because we are getting better and better and better.

Robby: My favourite sound is "oy, oy, ship ahoy"

Grace: My favourite one is "ssssssssssssssss". The snake is in the grass, the snake is in the grass. "Sssssssssssssssss".

Charley: My favourite is L, because we have not learnt that letter yet and I still know it.

Robby: I have got a good thing. I like checking the pigeon hole. It's work for the teacher in it.

Grace: That's my favourite part, too.

Charley: I've not even got a job! Once I had it, but now I don't.

Robby: Our teacher chooses someone, and then she says: "What do you want to do?" You could be milk messenger, or light, or door.

Grace: You have to close the door.

Robby: I was the first line leader in Primary 1.

Grace: I haven't been a line leader.

Charley: The line leader is meant to go at the front, but when there is a door, they have to hold it open and wait until the line has gone right through it.

Grace: Then they close it and walk up with their partners.

Charley: I have never ever been a line leader, library or milk. I have never been them. I really wanted to be the milk when it's my turn. You get to go upstairs, in the dining hall, you get the milk and then you go back.

Robby: My teacher chooses who gets to take the fruit tree back, that's nice. I like going out of the class. I like being in the class, outside and out of the class. I like all three. I don't like lunchtime. I only like lunchtime when it's a hot lunch, because I like a hot lunch better than a packed lunch.

Charley: Golden time is the best part.

Robby: I don't like lunchtime but I like golden time. You get to do different things, cooking or art.

Charley: Or model making.

Robby: Golden time is the best thing in the whole school.

Grace: I like making a leaf with charcoal. That's kind of charcoaly.

Robby: I have never lost my golden time.

Grace: I have never, too. If you get two warning cards you lose golden time.

Charley: You lose all your golden time and you don't even get to play anywhere. You don't get to do it.

Grace: If you get one warning card, you still get to move up to the clouds and get golden time.

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