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Katie, Abby, Owen and Tom, P3, talk to Julia Belgutay about their favourite TV programmes

Katie, Abby, Owen and Tom, P3, talk to Julia Belgutay about their favourite TV programmes

Owen: Mine's Horrid Henry. It's just the people fight usually and it's quite funny. If one does something, the other one goes and tells.

Abby: Matilda and Enchanted. Matilda is funny because her dad's hat gets glued to his head and all his hair. And I like Enchanted because it is enchanted. This man keeps trying to get her to eat these wee apples but she keeps throwing them away.

Katie: I like Matilda and Horrid Henry.

Tom: I like Horrid Henry as well. It is actually telling you the truth, that Horrid Henry is absolutely horrid.

Abby: I don't like Milkshake. It's like this wee baby programme I used to watch, Peppa Pig and things.

Katie: That's probably mine, too.

Abby: I used to watch it.

Katie: I hate football.

Owen: I like football!

Abby: I have to watch the news. I kinda like it, but . when I have to watch something I don't want to watch, I just wreck the place. I just throw things on the floor. And then they change the channel for me.

Katie: I ask my dad to switch the channel over, but he doesn't do it. So I go and play with my sister.

Owen: My sister watched CBeebies, and there is some stuff I really don't like. So I just go to the kitchen and watch my own programme.

Tom: I don't mind some things, but I would rather play my DS than watch Peppa Pig.

Abby: I used to be a really big Peppa Pig fan, but then I was like "this is rubbish".

Owen: I used to like The Racing Car. You go right off it. I used to love cars but now I am not such a fan of them.

Tom: I just used to watch anything on CBeebies that was ever on. Now I get annoyed with it.

Abby: I might start liking the news when I'm older. I hate it now.

Katie: I think I will like the same things that I like now. I won't end up liking football. They just kick a ball about. And it's noisy.

Owen: I saw someone cut their finger off: that's exciting! It was the first time I had seen that.

Abby: I don't like it when footballers pretend they are really hurt. It is like when they have a wee scab on their knee, they go "Ouch, ouch."

Owen: I will just watch the news all day when I'm older. Or do something else.

Abby: I think the news is interesting.

Tom: They just talk.

Katie: I think it's interesting because you get to see what's happening all over the world.

Owen: I have to ask my dad what's happening. He told me today that France are changing into euros.

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