Kids talk

George, Kyle and Eilidh, P7, talk to Julia Belgutay about what they look forward to most about Christmas

Kyle: I look forward to presents.

Eilidh: Kyle!

George: Snow! There has been snow the last two years, so there's more of a chance it's going to snow this year, instead of being a wet one.

Eilidh: A break from school.

Kyle: And presents. The Great Britain football strip is on my wish-list, and football boots and games.

George: I've not done mine yet, I can't decide.

Eilidh: Earphones for my iPod, because mine recently broke, but that's it. On the day, I look forward most to family and the holiday.

Kyle: Getting presents! Presents and the food.

George: Oh yeah, food!

Eilidh: I second George.

George: What happens is I get up, then I take my presents and put them on my parents' bed to start tearing up the packaging and opening them. Then we have breakfast, usually scrambled eggs with toast, and then we go out and do something and have lunch, usually on top of a mountain. Then we come back and have a turkey for dinner.

Kyle: I get up, open presents, and then I go to my papa's, and my uncle and my auntie are all there, and then I open more presents, and then I come home and play with my presents. Then in the middle of the day everyone comes round and brings me more presents and we have dinner and people burn food.

Eilidh: Not everyone is like Kyle. I get up, open presents, and then really just spend the rest of the day with my family.

Kyle: When I have dinner, the whole family comes round, and my cousins stay overnight and then I get more presents. On Boxing Day, some more people come round, and I get more presents.

George: Dinner is good, and then we just sit down and watch a film until about midnight. We just watch the nine o'clock films, which are the best.

Eilidh: The most boring part of the day must be when I get up. I just want to go through and have Christmas, but first my mum and dad and brother and sister and maybe me all have to have a shower, and we only have two showers, so it takes about like half an hour. Then everyone is getting ready and you're getting a bit agitated.

George: After Christmas, I think that it's New Year soon! On New Year, I can just sit back and watch a movie all night! This time a very, very long one.

Eilidh: Again?

Kyle: I don't mind when Christmas is over, because I just play with my presents and then I go on holiday, go to France, so I can go skiing with my family.

Eilidh: After Christmas it's New Year, so you get excited for that, and then it's the new year and you go back to school. So it's rough, your first day.

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