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Anas, Rostislav, Erin, Aamna and Hassan, P4, talk to Julia Belgutay about school lunches

Anas, Rostislav, Erin, Aamna and Hassan, P4, talk to Julia Belgutay about school lunches

Hassan: My school lunch is yummy, because I get a packed lunch.

Anas: School lunch is very noisy sometimes.

Rostislav: There's not enough food, not enough choices to make.

Erin: Sometimes you get beans on toast, sometimes a cheese toastie.

Rostislav: Most of the food is not healthy. They say it's healthy, but it's not - it's like burgers, hot dogs and pizzas.

Aamna: I would rather have healthy things.

Hassan: I want cabbages.

Erin: I want more apples and bananas and fruit.

Rostislav: More yoghurts. At least popcorn.

Aamna: My perfect school lunch would be chocolate.

Anas: Rice.

Rostislav: What about like a vegetable salad?

Erin: Fruit salad.

Rostislav: Vegetable salad and fruit salad.

Erin: And then, for a drink, milk or water.

Aamna: Is curry what you call rice?

Anas: I love rice! Or we could make our own sandwich.

Rostislav: Most people like the stuff we get more than healthy stuff.

Erin: Everybody eats it.

Rostislav: And sometimes there's not enough food, because whenever you want to get something, most of the time it's always all given away.

Erin: They do sandwiches, but we have to get something else because we are last. I think they should put another extra tray of sandwiches.

Rostislav: It's always cheese toasties.

Aamna: That isn't fair.

Hassan: In my packed lunch, sometimes I have pastries and sometimes a sandwich.

Anas: I get a sandwich every day. With cheese.

Aamna: Cheese is very good for you.

Erin: I like baked potatoes.

Aamna: I like eating healthy things, but normally I just like eating chocolate. I love chocolate.

Anas: I love rice. That's my favourite food. Just plain rice.

Aamna: Just plain rice, no one will like that.

Rostislav: I like sweetcorn and rice with vegetables.

Erin: I like sweetcorn and cabbage.

Aamna: I like fish fingers.

Erin: That reminds me - they do chips with them.

Hassan: My favourite food is spinach.

Erin: I can't wait until we get healthier lunches. I love tomatoes, they are so nice.

Hassan: I don't like the taste of them.

Aamna: I like them, even though they are a bit squidgy.

Erin: If I had my own way, I would make every part of the lunches healthy.

Rostislav: We need "Make your own Sandwiches".

Aamna: Yeah, "Make your own Sandwiches"! That would be good.

Erin: And if you choose bad stuff, you'll get into trouble.

Aamna: But at the moment, you just have to eat what you're given.

Hassan: Otherwise they just put it all in the bin. No one likes peas and corn, they just throw it in the bin.

Erin: I like the softer peas with the wee mint carrots.

Aamna: I like cucumber, cucumber is very good. I want a cucumber day.

Rostislav: We should have a healthy day where you always eat fruit.

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