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Jordan, Sophie and Douglas, P6 and P7, talk to Julia Belgutay about spring

Julia Belgutay

Sophie: It's kind of when it changes from winter to summer.

Jordan: There's like loads of flowers and that, and a bit more sun.

Douglas: It's like where the world is starting to heat up again. It's good because I can just stay outside in my back garden now and play football after tea.

Sophie: There are daffodils and stuff.

Douglas: Just looking outside, the leaves and the buds on the trees are really starting to grow.

Jordan: It's getting darker later on, staying lighter for longer. My favourite season is summer, because we get a longer holiday and it's my birthday. The only thing I hate about summer is all the bees and wasps are here. I hate them.

Douglas: I like heat, but I don't like too much heat, so I like summer and winter, they are my favourites. In the winter, you can play in the snow, because in the spring and autumn, it's just not quite right. It's just not right, I find.

Jordan: People are more happy in the spring, because they don't have to pile on loads of clothing.

Douglas: Especially OAPs, because it means they can get out and about easier.

Sophie: They don't have to bother about slipping.

Jordan: Plus, there is loads of people walking with dogs.

Douglas: The bad thing is quite often there is still quite a lot of grit about, and grit is really bad for bikes when there's no slippery stuff. And I love cycling. I go out on my bike all the time.

Sophie: People don't have as many clothes on. It was quite sunny on Monday and my dad said it was like the whole world has come out to say hello, when everyone is normally in their house. There are loads of people walking about the place and running.

Jordan: I like the sun because then I can go outside and I think it is not going to rain.

Douglas: It gives you a reason to have a slice.

Jordan: An ice cream! My friend came outside with two Magnums, so we had one each, and then we went to the park and I bought two 99s for us, and then we came back and got another Magnum. It was excellent.

Sophie: I like ice cream. Who cannot like ice cream! I hate when people are inside. My little brother is a bit like that. You have to force them to go outside. It doesn't seem very good, because I like being outside more than I like being inside, and sometimes it can be quite difficult to force people outside.

Douglas: It just isn't logic.

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Julia Belgutay

Julia Belgutay

Julia Belgutay is head of FE at Tes

Find me on Twitter @JBelgutay

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