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Tamzin, Neve and Lucy, P3 and P4, talk to Julia Belgutay about their favourite books

Tamzin, Neve and Lucy, P3 and P4, talk to Julia Belgutay about their favourite books

Neve: My favourite book is called Gangsta Granny.

Lucy: I've got that book!

Neve: It's about this granny who's a spy .

Lucy: Gangsta!

Neve: . and she tries to hide it and she's got this grandson who doesn't like her, because all she eats is cabbage food. Like cabbage chocolate and cabbage .

Lucy: . pie!

Tamzin: Yuck.

Lucy: I have got the whole David Walliams books. They're not exactly my favourite, but I like the Julia Donaldson books.

Neve: I also like the Horrid Henry books. I have got this big fat red one.

Lucy: I like a lot of books. Julia Donaldson, David Walliams . Who writes Princess Poppy again? I can't remember.

Tamzin: My favourite book? I'm not really sure. I like Enid Blyton books, but I also like Oliver Twist. One of the reasons I really like Oliver Twist is because at the theatre, I played a part in it.

Lucy: About three parts.

Tamzin: Yeah, three.

Neve: Gangsta Granny and Horrid Henry books are funny.

Tamzin: I think Oliver Twist books are good because it's got lots of .

Lucy: Pictures?

Tamzin: Not exactly, `cos I've got one with no pictures, but it's really interesting, and it's something that's not entirely a thing that children read only. And I like the Malory Towers books, they are really funny at some parts, and it tells you what the girls feel like in the school.

Lucy: I actually like a book by . I'm not really sure who it's by. Cloudberry Castle.

Neve: I'm only halfway through Gangsta Granny, but I like the start of it, `cos he goes to his granny, and he says that she farts a lot.

Lucy: Oh, and remember when she doesn't make it to yoga? That's funny.

Tamzin: The bit I like about Oliver is that Fagin is probably the comedian in it.

Lucy: I've got the movie Oliver!, but I haven't watched it yet.

Tamzin: I have the movie from the theatre, and the movie from real life. The black-and-white-movie from 1877.

Neve: Did you know that was actually first a book? By Charles Dickens, yeah. He is 200 years old.

Tamzin: The most boring books would probably be my brother's baby books. They are things about how to count to 10.

Neve: My worst books are my big sister's fairy books. She likes fairy books.

Lucy: I love those books.

Tamzin: She has all of them!

Lucy: I even have Penny the Pony Fairy, but I don't like it.

Neve: I like all the pet fairies, `cos I like pets. But I don't like dog fairies, `cos my gran's dog died. It got run over.

Lucy: You haven't asked me my most boring book. It's probably . I don't even know. I wouldn't buy a book I didn't like, would I? Maybe one of my baby books.

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