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Cloe, Katie, Mike and Owain, S1, talk to Julia Belgutay about how the school day should be organised

Julia Belgutay

Mike: It should start at, like, 11, and end at five or something.

Cloe: I think it should start earlier, because then you get to finish earlier and then it's lighter at night, so you've got longer.

Owain: Maybe even an hour earlier would be fine.

Katie: I don't think when you change the hours, your day should be longer. I think it should just be the same.

Owain: I agree.

Mike: I also think lunch should be a bit shorter. I know that sounds crazy, but I mean if the day is shorter, you can get home, and you can eat all you want then.

Cloe: We do spend quite a lot of time there. We get 45 minutes, I think.

Mike: We should get like half an hour, just take 15 minutes off.

Cloe: It's the queue, I think.

Mike: I have actually noticed that normally about quarter past, everybody is gone. I also think our periods should be three minutes shorter, because each period is 53 minutes long.

Cloe: I think that's a good time, 'cos when, like, your mum and dad went to school, it was, like, 35 minutes. So I think it's better because you can actually get something done, and then, like, it's not too long if you don't like the subject.

Mike: 'Cos if you think about it, the teacher normally talks for about 10 minutes - 10 minutes to get everything out, and 10 minutes to put everything away - half-an-hour would be too short.

Katie: It takes us till, like, four o'clock to get home. It's like you don't get a lot of time, especially if you've got hobbies. I have got horses, and you can't ride in the dark. But it's getting better now the clocks have changed.

Mike: And speaking about being at home, I don't think we should be getting homework. We already have two long days at school, our weekend is our time off and we have to do homework over it, so we have to do more school work.

Cloe: We don't actually have that much homework. We've actually been OK. I think I would rather have more homework and shorter days.

Mike: You can do it when it's dark and you're not outside. But there is no one to explain stuff to you.

Katie: I think homework is more revision - you don't learn anything.

Cloe: I think teachers get a bit fed up being in school.

Owain: But I think they get free periods where they don't do much.

Cloe: I think we should get free periods. But then you'd have to have a longer day, so maybe not.

Owain: I like the time after break time best of the school day. You're not tired, but it's not like it's the end of the day.

Katie: I like fifth and sixth period, 'cos then it's, like, two periods till home. You always have a laugh in, like, the fifth and sixth period.

Cloe: Do you?

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Julia Belgutay

Julia Belgutay

Julia Belgutay is head of FE at Tes

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