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Phoebe, Richard, Lili and Ava, P2, talk to Julia Belgutay about their favourite animals

Julia Belgutay

Lili: Mine is cats. Cos I've got two at home and I really like them. Once, they were lying on the bed and they were sort of hugging each other, their paws were on top of each other's paws and they were having a nice hug on the bed. It was quite funny.

Ava: Mine is a turtle, because they're cute and also because they're quite slow. I don't have a turtle, but I'd like one.

Phoebe: A pony. I like the mane, because I like them hanging over.

Richard: I like a puppy. They are cute, and we're gonna get a dog or a puppy or something.

Lili: It'd be good if it was a girl, `cos you'd get puppies. You know how I'm amazed with my cats - `cos how do my mum and dad know that our cats are two boys? They're both boys, but how did they find out how pets are boys and how pets are girls?

Phoebe: I think the shopkeeper at the pet shop told them.

Lili: Or maybe they must have kept them for a long time and they didn't have babies yet.

Phoebe: And one of them might have married another kitten but that other one had babies and not that one.

Lili: They did have one other brother that was black and white.

Ava: My gran had a cat and it's a girl but it hasn't had babies yet and it's going to be 100.

Lili: My dad's mum is 110!

Ava: If I could have any animal, I would have a snake.

Lili: What I would like more than a cat is a dog, but we can't have a dog because we've got two cats. There's two bad cats that are fighting our cats. There's Mr Fluffy - he's white and he's very fluffy and fat and very fluffy - and there's Ginger. We don't know their names but we just call them those names `cos that's what they look like. Ginger is just the same amount of fluffy as Mr Fluffy, but we don't call them both Mr Fluffy.

Richard: Our next-door neighbours have a dog and a cat and the dog used to couldn't jump over the fence. Now he can jump over the fence, and the cat loved coming over here, because the dog couldn't jump over, and now the cat is all over the place.

Lili: But Richard, if it's all right, cats can get used to dogs after some time and they might like each other.

Richard: Actually, they don't get on very often.

Ava: If I had a snake, I would frighten my dad. I would take it up to a hill and then show him the snake, because he's scared of heights, and he's scared of snakes.

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Julia Belgutay

Julia Belgutay

Julia Belgutay is head of FE at Tes

Find me on Twitter @JBelgutay

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