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Travis, Jessica and Zain, P6, talk to Julia Belgutay about what they think they learned this year

Travis, Jessica and Zain, P6, talk to Julia Belgutay about what they think they learned this year

Jessica: I don't know that I have learned anything this year. Can we come back to me?

Zain: I am not sure I have learned that much this year. You might remember some of the things, but you might forget some of the things, and then maybe you're quite mature, or not.

Jessica: I can now turn decimals into fractions.

Travis: And we got to go to the outdoor learning centre. You have to be P6 to go.

Jessica: Some people aren't even allowed to go.

Travis: Maybe they can't afford it.

Jessica: Or their parents won't allow them, `cos maybe they are allergic to something there.

Travis: My handwriting is better this year.

Zain: His art is better. He is the class's best artist.

Travis: I have grown this year.

Jessica: I definitely have. Two inches.

Zain: I haven't.

Travis: After the holiday, we are going into P7. I think P7 is ok, but I'm kind of scared of high school.

Zain: P7 will be like P6, it's just the same. We know the school. But high school is a bit scarier.

Jessica: I am not going to be doing any school work over the summer. Absolutely none.

Travis: Because we are not really given any work.

Jessica: I have a terrible memory, so I might forget everything over the summer.

Zain: Maybe it would be better if the teacher gave you a tiny bit of work to help you.

Travis: I don't think I'll forget anything, because I've got a really great memory. I remember one part when I was just a little baby.

Zain: My dad wants me to work during the holidays because I might be going to a different school. I go on the internet and do some papers, answer questions, and my dad will see if I get them right and where I went wrong.

Jessica: I think in P7 we will get more responsibilities.

Travis: And we might get split up. My friends could catch on to something else. We don't know what they will catch on to, so it might be good or bad.

Zain: Or it could be in the middle.

Travis: They might make new friends.

Zain: They might ask you to go somewhere with them, but then you didn't go, so they weren't your friends any more.

Travis: People can change in seven weeks. They have hair cuts.

Zain: Or they get stupider. Because they don't stick that much knowledge in their head and they forget things.

Jessica: Or if you are going to a party that's on the day before school, and you stay up really late, and you wake up at eight in the morning, and you get tired.

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