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William, Chloe and Emma, P7, talk to Julia Belgutay about their favourite celebrity

William, Chloe and Emma, P7, talk to Julia Belgutay about their favourite celebrity

Chloe: William, you like Gordon Ramsay. Because William likes cooking.

William: No, I like Heston Blumenthal. He makes cooking into science, he makes crazy things.

Chloe: He blows things up.

William: Mice with chocolate. That is mice puree with white chocolate on the outside. He also makes big puddings and things.

Emma: Like edible trees and edible big snowball things.

Chloe: I like Jacqueline Wilson. I just love her books - Little Darlings and Lily Alone are my favourite. She's just so good at writing. What singers do I like?

Emma: Katy Perry.

Chloe: But I hate Russell Brand. Have you seen his hair? When does he ever wash it? It is like a bird's nest.

Emma: I like her songs, though her videos are a bit sick sometimes.

Chloe: Creative. With candy floss.

William: I don't like Justin Bieber.

Chloe: Oh no, he is dreadful.

Emma: He sounds like a girl.

William: And he takes medication to make his voice sound squeakier.

Chloe: The people who like him are mentally ill. He's 16, and he's tiny, and apparently he goes out with Selena Gomez, and she's just mental if she goes out with him. It's for the name, it's just so she can say she goes out with Justin Bieber.

Emma: I like Ant and Dec. I think they work together really well, and they are funny on I'm a Celebrity. I watched Push the Button on Saturday - it was boring, but I still like them.

Chloe: I like their accents. When they're presenting, someone from Newcastle in Australia, it's just funny. Oh, and I like Gillian McKeith. She fainted and pulled her top down.

William: She was annoying and it was very fake.

Chloe: She looks like a skeleton. She says everyone has to eat healthily, but do not starve yourself, but you look like a skeleton about to die. I think what makes someone likeable is if they are not attention- seeking - like Stacey Solomon - and when they are nice and thoughtful.

Emma: I don't like it when people need to be in the spotlight all the time.

William: I don't like Jedward because of their hair.

Chloe: I like their hair! William, you could totally do a Jedward style with your hair - on non-uniform day tomorrow.

Emma: I watch some of the talent shows, but I prefer Casualty.

Chloe: Emma loves Casualty.

Emma: I don't like gory things, but I like the drama. If I had to choose a celebrity I would like to be like, it would be Kelly Holmes or Rebecca Adlington. She is amazing, she wins medals. I also like Michael Phelps, but I wouldn't want to be him because he's a boy.

Emma: Rebecca Adlington trains hard and she's focused.

Chloe: It's probably better if you're not famous. You don't get the paparazzi and you don't get shot.

Emma: Like John Lennon.

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