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Rosie, Ross, Fargal and Mac, P4, tell Julia Belgutay what they would do if they could do magic

Rosie, Ross, Fargal and Mac, P4, tell Julia Belgutay what they would do if they could do magic

Rosie: I would probably like to make this big funfair in the playground. I would have the whole school come.

Mac: I would probably make the school be made out of chocolate.

Rosie: But then if it rained it would melt. No, if the sun came.

Ross: I would make a massive house of ice-cream. I would make it in the winter because then it would melt in the summer. And I would have a Jacuzzi.

Mac: A swimming pool!

Ross: And I would have orange juice everywhere.

Fargal: That would be so sticky. How about Vimto? I'm mad about Vimto. I would make a Vimto swimming pool.

Ross: It would all be stuck to you and you would be yellow.

Fargal: Vimto is purple.

Rosie: I have always wanted to fly. Once when I was small I thought maybe I could fly, and I dived from my bed.

Mac: I would probably make myself invisible, say I'm going to the toilet and tip all the teacher's stuff out of her bag. Then I would come back and say: "What have I missed?"

Ross: You know the mascots? I would make millions of them and they could go alive and do whatever I want them to do. That would be cool.

Rosie: I would probably get all the teachers together, put blindfolds on them, and then get a huge big bucket of hot, sticky, melted chocolate and pour it all over them.

Fargal: Why do we have to do that to the teachers? Why can't we eat it?

Mac: I would have my own mansion with my own Jacuzzi, my own swimming pool, my own butler, my own servant and my own limo and driver.

Fargal: Limos are a waste. I would have a Ferrari.

Mac: And then somebody pays for everything for me. They pay for everything from my vaults.

Ross: I would have all the superstars, and they would give me lots of money so I can buy lots of things.

Fargal: I would be able to turn into anything in the world that I wanted to. I could make up my own stuff and put wings on me and stuff.

Rosie: I would like a baby pygmy hippo. It's my favourite animal.

Mac: If I had magic, I would make money disappear by clicking my fingers. No. Appear.

Rosie: I would go to the Queen and the princess every day and they would give me, like, loads of money.

Ross: I would go into the future.

Mac: But if you went into the future, it would change your past and something terrible will happen.

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