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Mariama, Sama and Andrew, P7, talk to Julia Belgutay about whether they would make a good teacher one day

Mariama, Sama and Andrew, P7, talk to Julia Belgutay about whether they would make a good teacher one day

Mariama: I will be a drama teacher. If you are a teacher, you have to know everything.

Sama: You might get mixed up with stuff. Even some of the teachers don't know anything.

Andrew: One of our teachersknows a lot of stuff.

Mariama: She is also good at teaching.

Sama: She is strict, though.

Mariama: You need to know how to talk to children.

Andrew: Weans! We say "weans", not "children".

Mariama: I don't say "weans". It's a bit weird for me.

Andrew: I love saying "weans". It's a better word.

Sama: `Cos you're, like, Scottish.

Mariama: You need to be good at how to treat children. I don't know if I would be good. It depends what the children do.

Andrew: I don't want to be hated.

Sama: They might not like you because you pure shout at them and stuff.

Mariama: I don't like shouting, but I can shout by projecting my voice.

Andrew: I like shouting. It's my hobby.

Sama: Yeah, he shouts 247.

Mariama: I have to shout at my little sister.

Sama: I shout at my wee brother because he jumps on my bed.

Mariama: Say what we were learning last year - sexual health - I wouldn't be good at explaining that. I watched this movie, and it was this teacher, in the old days, when you had ink pens. It's Just William. It's a boys' school, and the teacher is trying to explain about the difference between girls and boys and he is kinda nervous. And he had to draw the bits, but with leaves covering it up.

Andrew: I would love doing that! But I wouldn't want to be a teacher. Sama: You have to organise everything.

Andrew: I guess I wouldn't mind if I was a janitor or something, `cos you get a wee house.

Mariama: But you're gonna be alone and that's annoying.

Sama: But you'd have to mop and stuff.

Andrew: I know, you have to brush. You have to clean wee cat jobbies at the playground.

Mariama: Say it properly, don't say "jobbies".

Andrew: I wouldn't want to be a dinner lady - you'd get food stains on you or something. I wouldn't be a dinner lady. I would be a dinner man.

Mariama: I wouldn't be a dinner lady, `cos some of the school's food I don't like. I wouldn't be cooking things I don't really like.

Andrew: Exactly. I might be the headteacher.

Sama: But you'd need to do assembly and stuff.

Mariama: Yeah, there's too much jobs for headteacher, do you know that?

Andrew: It's a bit dire, you know.

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