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Jordan, Taylor and Niamh, P7, talk to Julia Belgutay about the royal wedding

Jordan, Taylor and Niamh, P7, talk to Julia Belgutay about the royal wedding

Niamh: Most people care about it, I think. They are not next in line to be king and queen, so they are trying to make a big deal of it even though they aren't next in line.

Jordan: It is Prince Charles's son, so it is the royal family.

Niamh: It's all about Princess Diana. I don't know much about her, and this has nothing to do with William, but a psychic called Sally Morgan told her she was going to die and then she did die.

Taylor: They are making too big a deal out of it. We shouldn't really be getting a whole weekend off for it.

Niamh: Everyone was trying to find out who the designer is. I mean, it is a designer, it's not like this is an amazing thing that you have to make worldwide, because she is wearing a dress.

Taylor: Everybody wears a dress. I wore a dress on Saturday at a party, it's not amazing.

Niamh: We are off so we can watch the wedding, but I don't think a lot of children would watch it.

Jordan: No, they will be outside playing football.

Niamh: Kids don't really understand. They are not going to get married any time soon. If I was in the royal family, I would hate to have paparazzi at my wedding, because it is meant to be about you and the other person, and it's meant to be a special day. You are supposed to be expressing your love for each other.

Kyle: Exactly. Instead, it has got to be fancy and there is going to be about a million people there.

Niamh: I was watching 5 News and they were showing the royal wedding, and they were practising all the food and it was dead posh and they were all turned out pastries and it was all perfect and dead smooth and there was mint and everything inside them. They made them look amazing.

Jordan: I have noticed the Queen does not smile. Probably at the wedding she won't be happy, she will just sit there.

Niamh: Kate Middleton isn't part of the royal family just yet, and she always smiles. We want her to be queen because she will be nice and smiley.

Jordan: I wouldn't want to be king. There is too much paparazzi, too many people.

Niamh: You would feel like you were suffocating - what is that called, claustrophobic? - because there are so many people around you and you wouldn't know all of them, there are like 8,000 people in the palace at one time.

Jordan: There's a TV in every room.

Niamh: I know. You would get confused, because what if you wanted to watch EastEnders but you also wanted to watch River City?

Taylor: You would tape it on your Sky+ HD.

Niamh: I don't think they have Sky+ HD. They might think because it's royal money, they might not be able to have it. So you would have to run from room to room and it would be confusing.

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