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Lara, Ewan and Lucy, P3, talk to Julia Belgutay about their favourite birthday party

Lara, Ewan and Lucy, P3, talk to Julia Belgutay about their favourite birthday party

Lucy: It's this one that's coming up. I'm gonna go swimming and I'm gonna have a sleepover party with my friends.

Ewan: I know what I'm going to do.

Lucy: You're not going to it! For my perfect birthday party I would like to get a big elephant and sit on it. And I would like it to go all around my garden. We could go in the swimming pool if I had a swimming pool in my back garden.

Ewan: I would like 161 toy monkeys. I like monkeys. It would just be me and the monkeys.

Lara: I would like to go bowling and then have a sleepover. I'd get loads of food there and party bags.

Lucy: I would like to go bowling and get lots and lots of sweeties, all over the world.

Ewan: I also want some Irn Bru.

Lucy: I'd also like 100 bottles of Coke.

Ewan: I would invite friends. Like Lara.

Lucy: But what about me? What about your kinda-like girlfriend?

Lara: I would probably invite 20 friends.

Lucy: I would just invite all the kids that I love. That would be 1,000 million. I like all of them.

Ewan: 1,061. Including Lara.

Lucy: 'Cos Ewan told me this: he wants to kiss you.

Lara: I don't think it would matter if my friends brought presents.

Ewan: I would rather have presents.

Lucy: I would really want every single kid to come to my birthday party.

Ewan: In the school?

Lucy: Yeah! And in the world.

Ewan: There is like 300 people in this school.

Lucy: I would totally like hair stuff. Curlers, clips and stuff.

Ewan: I want the Moshy HQ. I think the most boring birthday party would be if it's only yourself and it's really boring. You don't even get any presents or cake or sweets.

Lucy: It would be really boring if your mum and dad died and all your friends and everyone else but you died.

Ewan: Anyway, we'd get to steal some money if they're all dead.

Lara: If you were just in the house and not doing anything, that would be boring.

Lucy: I would be annoyed if someone forgot my birthday.

Ewan: Not really. 'Cos I've got loads of other friends coming.

Lara: If everyone forgot, that would be sad.

Ewan: It's like her dog died.

Lucy: Yeah. It was only just yesterday. She had to be put down. I'm still really, really sad about it.

Ewan: The most important thing about the birthday party is that your friends come, because you get to spend more time with them.

Lucy: You'd get lots and lots of time with them if it was a sleepover party. And you get a visit from the snack fairy.

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