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Dana, Kai and Andrew, P7, talk to Julia Belgutay about being famous

Dana, Kai and Andrew, P7, talk to Julia Belgutay about being famous

Andrew: I think it kind of has its ups and downs. It's kind of cool - you'd be famous for a reason and that's a good reason, usually. But then you wouldn't get a lot of privacy, because of phone hacking and all that was going on, with all the newspapers and that. That would be quite bad.

Kai: I think it would be good because you'd be known to the world and you'd have quite a bit of money, but won't get any privacy `cos of all the paparazzi and stuff outside your house.

Dana: I quite want to be famous, but I'd still want my privacy and all that. I wouldn't want cameras on me at all times. I'd like to be famous for being a swimmer at the Olympics. I'm in a club and I've won a lot of trophies and medals already.

Andrew: I'm in Dana's club, but I'm not as good as her.

Kai: I don't know if it would be more good or bad to be famous. I think it would be more good.

Dana: You'd live in a massive house.

Andrew: I don't know, you could be famous but you couldn't have a lot of money. But that would be more infamous, kind of. That would be terrible.

Dana: I drove to school in a limousine a few weeks ago, `cos this man offered me to with my mum.

Andrew: I'll turn up to our school reunion in a Ferrari. I love going on stage and singing and that, like what I'm doing, `cos I'm gonna be in Oliver!, and I'm gonna be Oliver, and I like doing that kind of stuff. So that will probably be one of the best parts. Being recognised in the street would be good at first, but it would get kinda annoying.

Kai: Like "please, Sir, can I have your signature?" The best thing about being famous would be the money. I would give some to charity, but I'd spend some obviously. And I would sponsor an animal.

Andrew: Like a tiger. Grrr. I'd adopt a polar bear. I'd seen the adverts on TV and I called up one day. Well, my mum called up, actually, and it's only like pound;3 a month.

Kai: I'd live in America.

Dana: Portugal. I love Portugal.

Kai: Portugal is all right, but it's the thing about speaking Portuguese.

Andrew: If I was rich I'd get this guy to translate everything for me, except for the stuff that's kind of bad, `cos I don't want to hear that.

Dana: Privacy is important `cos what if they took pictures and then they put it into a newspaper and made something bad about you instead of something good when it didn't happen?

Kai: It's 50:50 because I'm a poser.

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