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Hubert, Aisha and Ben, P2, talk to Julia Belgutay about what they think is the cleverest animal

Hubert, Aisha and Ben, P2, talk to Julia Belgutay about what they think is the cleverest animal

Ben: I think dogs are the cleverest, 'cos I just love dogs.

Hubert: It can sniff out everything that is small. Like maybe ants.

Ben: Or food.

Aisha: Pigs are clever. They smell really good.

Ben: No!

Aisha: I mean they are really good at smelling.

Hubert: Or giraffes, because when it eats leaves it could maybe get more brain.

Ben: Animals also run. That's clever. It makes them nice and healthy.

Hubert: And if they run faster, that can project them away from other scary animals.

Ben: I think the most stupid animals are cats, 'cos they're really lazy.

Hubert: Pigs, because they want to be messy in the mud.

Ben: And when they come out, they smell horrible. There are more clever animals - 20. Just 'cos they're really clever. They're quite more amazing.

Hubert: Sharks haven't got very big brains.

Ben: Our brains are huger than them ones. They are bigger, more than a shark's.

Hubert: The small sharks that have sharp fronts, they have just tiny brains.

Aisha: My favourite animals are cats. They are nice.

Hubert: In my holidays. I saw three cats and they weren't scared of me and I did hug them and they were really nice and they even didn't run away from me.

Ben: Like kittens?

Hubert: No, cats.

Ben: Oh, wait, my shadow looks like a dinosaur.

Hubert: T-Rex I think has this size brain. I saw on a paper that in Deep Sea World there are spiders and only kids can go in this bowl, and they are scared of spiders because spiders walk on that bowl. I know the cross spiders are the horriblest in the whole wide world. They always know how to hurt you. They are clever.

Ben: I know something about Deep Sea World. When I went with my dad's mum, when I went to the shark bit, I went in it two times, right? When I went there, there was a shark following me. They were in a tank of water, then there was a man in there. A man.

Hubert: I know, I know what it was, the man. It was a child, because of that paper showing Deep Sea World.

Ben: How was it a child? That is only that size! Men are taller.

Hubert: I saw that there is diving for children, diving for sharks. It was only for children.

Ben: In the newspaper, when my grandad was reading it, there was a dog that was lost in here. In Scotland. And it was a nice dog. They put up posters all around the world to see, but that was in 2001, I think.

Hubert: I don't think animals could ever talk. Just in films for kids.

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