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Hassan, Henry, and Casey, P34, talk to Julia Belgutay about what it would be like to live alone

Hassan, Henry, and Casey, P34, talk to Julia Belgutay about what it would be like to live alone

Casey: Living alone would be quite scary.

Hassan: Because you can't cook, so how would you be able to eat?

Casey: And you would be alone.

Henry: Nobody would tell you what to do, you could just do your own thing.

Casey: You could get a job.

Hassan: No, you have to be 18 to get a job.

Casey: I have seen the Saturday jobs for kids.

Hassan: If they left the money behind, you could just take all you want.

Casey: You couldn't just buy sweets. We would have to buy some food.

Hassan: I'd buy oranges, eat your five a day, and bottles of water.

Casey: You would have a tap, but at school you would have to buy a bottle of water. I could go to school by myself.

Henry: But if you go to a shop to buy a bottle and you fill it up and you bring it to school and you forget to drink it ...

Casey: You wouldn't have to pay for the water out of the tap. You would have to pay for the bottles. And you have to pay the bills. And that would cost about 200 quid. You'd just save up. I would live in a flat.

Henry: No, I would live in a house, 'cos if somebody knocks on your door, some flats, if you have a key locker, you can't lock it. Somebody could just come in. But in a house a door can be locked with a lock.

Hassan: You could put an alarm system on. Or put security cameras. Or invisible lasers. If anyone touches the lasers, they will get trapped and someone will phone the police. I would be quite scared if there was a stranger knocking on the door.

Henry: It might not be a stranger if it was your birthday. There might be someone at the door to come to your birthday.

Hassan: But then you could just turn off the laser. I would miss the bedtime stories.

Casey: You'd miss the loving. And the kisses.

Hassan: I'd miss the cooking!

Casey: If I lived alone, I would call my friends, 'cos I already have a phone.

Hassan: I've got Facebook, so you could email people.

Henry: Yeah, Facebook! My dad could bring his laptop to my place and I could go on it.

Casey: Hassan lives just above me, so we could visit each other. I'd cook you some dinner.

Hassan: The last dinner you'd done was spaghetti bolognese. I don't really like spaghetti.

Casey: No, it was pizza. With pepperoni, so you weren't allowed it.

Henry: Hmm, yummy pepperonis!

Hassan: No, I was allowed it, they just took out the pepperoni. I would cook chocolate stew. You could take all your favourite food and then mix it up to make one big - what's it called? - one big buffet.

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