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Trisha, Tahar and Cristobal, P5, talk to Julia Belgutay about going to university

Trisha, Tahar and Cristobal, P5, talk to Julia Belgutay about going to university

Tahar: People go to university to get more clever and you can get good jobs like chemical engineers.

Cristobal: You could learn to be a teacher or a scientist.

Tahar: You could get a job for Nasa. You would have to go to university for five or six, seven years.

Cristobal: You could stay there for like 10 years sometimes, because my dad started his university when he was 18, and now he is 31.

Trisha: You could still do it when you are even old. You get more clever and you could learn more things.

Cristobal: You could learn different or harder words, or different maths, because sometimes maths can be used as letters as well. And there is some science of maths.

Tahar: Or if you work for Nasa, or Professor Brian Cox, he is my favourite, you can find out things about how the moon powers the waves.

Cristobal: Because that's true.

Trisha: And you could help elderly people as well. I am going to university. I want to be a beauty therapist.

Tahar: I want to be a scientist. Making rockets and stuff.

Cristobal: I would like to make books and those things when I'm older. Like novels.

Trisha: If you earn more money, you can get a house.

Cristobal: My dad gets paid lots of money at the end of the month. And sometimes, if you don't go to university and you don't get paid, you might get poor after a while. This is how you get more money: the better you get at studying, the better you do things, the more money they give you. Sometimes, if you just started university, they don't give you that much money. But after a while, when you are older, they give you more money. It's not the older, it's the more cleverer.

Tahar: The better you are and the quicker you can do things.

Cristobal: There are jobs where you can earn a lot of money without going to university. You could work at Tesco.

Trisha: You could do a car wash, and it could be #163;5.

Cristobal: You could be an artist.

Tahar: Or a really famous comic editionter (sic). Like The Beano and The Dandy.

Cristobal: Sometimes when they leave high school, people don't go to university for one year and then they go.

Tahar: I might have 10 years off.

Cristobal: You would be poor.

Tahar: I would explore the world.

Cristobal: That would take you one year.

Tahar: 80 days if you have a hot air balloon.

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