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Rebecca, Jack, Leo, Andrew, Lachlan and Ally, P3, tell Julia Belgutay what they think Scotland celebrates on 30 November

Rebecca, Jack, Leo, Andrew, Lachlan and Ally, P3, tell Julia Belgutay what they think Scotland celebrates on 30 November

Andrew: Christmas?

Ally: New year?

Leo: Halloween.

Jack: Pay day.

Andrew: Scottish National Day. St Andrew's Day? That's my name. It's about fireworks.

Lachlan: And we wave Scotland flags, and there are lots of people there.

Jack: And there's drums and everything.

Andrew: They eat Scottish food like mince pies.

Ally: Oh, haggis. Me and my dad love haggis.

Rebecca: I had haggis for my dinner last night.

Leo: Remember we had haggis when we were in here? I love it.

Andrew: They eat it with broccoli. And carrots.

Rebecca: Or peas and sweetcorn.

Jack: And then they would have chocolate cake.

Rebecca: Or carrot cake.

Andrew: Or mince pie cake.

Leo: It's called St Andrew's Day because they get flags out and they do some fireworks and they do a parade.

Rebecca: I don't know why it's called St Andrew's and why he is a saint.

Andrew: Because someone was gonna kill them?

Leo: Andrew, stop being nasty.

Andrew: They killed them. They get police after them, I think.

Ally: By shooting.

Leo: Andrew! They wave flags because it's a celebration.

Andrew: There is also St Peter's day.

Lachlan: And St Lucy's day.

Rebecca: And Santa.

Jack: Oh, Easter bunnies!

Rebecca: Our teacher sent Santa a letter, and guess what, she said she was eight. She's not eight - she's a teacher!

Jack: On St Andrew's Day they celebrate Scotland. I think Scotland is quite a good country, but it always rains.

Leo: I love rain.

Andrew: I think they celebrate pizza.

Rebecca: Pie?

Lachlan: They celebrate the carrot peeler. I think it was invented here.

Ally: It is possible.

Lachlan: I think they celebrate Robert Burns. He is a Scottish poet man.

Rebecca: The BFG is Scottish.

Ally: I think he is Irish.

Leo: How about the Olympics? There was a lot of Scottish people.

Rebecca: The Queen? She is my great great great gran.

Lachlan: I saw the Queen in London.

Andrew: I think St Andrew had brown hair.

Ally: And an orange beard.

Lachlan: I think he had brownish hair and big eyebrows like that. I think he was quite skinny and big. That's what they said.

Ally: My favourite holiday is Christmas.

Leo: No, the summer holiday. And October holiday.

Lachlan: Or a whole year off from school.

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