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Lee, Kieran and Kelcie, P6, talk to Julia Belgutay about winter

Lee, Kieran and Kelcie, P6, talk to Julia Belgutay about winter

Kieran: I sometimes like winter.

Kelcie: I like the snow.

Kieran: When I've got moonboots and snow gloves. When I get cold, I have to warm up in the house and I don't like going back in.

Lee: I like the snow, 'cos you get to play with your friends and hit them with snowballs.

Kelcie: And making snowmans. I like going down the hill on your sledge.

Kieran: I like going down hills with a circular sledge. It's not scary going backwards. I also like being inside with the fire on.

Lee: I just want to be outside in the snow.

Kelcie: I don't like that it's really cold in winter.

Kieran: I wish it was really warm. That would be cool.

Lee: I would like winter more if it was less cold. But I don't like it when it's really warm either, I like it in between.

Kieran: Trees just look like a piece of bark in winter. A big piece of bark. That's not nice. Autumn is better.

Kelcie: I sometimes like the way the city looks in the winter ... Like when the Christmas lights are dead flashy. They just catch the side of your eye.

Kieran: When you're running along a fence, the light in the window just keeps flashing. Some people have snowmen Christmas lights.

Kelcie: My favourite season is summer.

Lee: 'Cos it's nice and warm and you get to go into a swimming pool.

Kelcie: I like going to the swimming pool. Not with my friends, just me. My special swimming pool. It's mine. I do handstands in it. It's dead scary.

Kieran: I go to the park, and I play with my dog when my mum is sitting on a bench with her pals. I think spring and autumn are a bit boring, except for the leaves, because we always make piles of them and start kicking them and jumping on them and throwing them at people.

Lee: Yeah, they are a bit boring.

Kieran: My perfect winter day would be thick snow, big snowballs, hundreds of them, to make an arch and then hide behind the arch. Then I would go inside, have a hot chocolate and watch the telly. I would watch cartoons.

Kelcie: I would like to make snow angels.

Kieran: I'd make a snowman with hat and gloves and a scarf. And then when I go in I'd probably play on my PlayStation.

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