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Andrew, Sophie and Madhushan, P7, talk to Julia Belgutay about being good

Andrew, Sophie and Madhushan, P7, talk to Julia Belgutay about being good

Andrew: Being good means to not get in trouble, but don't be a goody two-shoes, either.

Sophie: Don't be a teacher's pet.

Madhushan: Don't get in trouble.

Andrew: Don't be a teacher's mouse. Seriously. That's what it is.

Madhushan: You shouldn't hit.

Andrew: Or use words.

Sophie: I'm good sometimes. Sometimes I talk to people when the teacher is talking.

Andrew: I get wide. That means annoying. But good annoying. That's when you annoy somebody and they like it, but the teacher doesn't like it.

Madhushan: I just don't talk when I get in trouble.

Andrew: I'm like, "Teacher, bring it on, come on, hen, show me what you've got."

Sophie: Not being a goody two-shoes means you be good, but you don't be that good.

Andrew: You would be pure fantastic and you would show off.

Sophie: That's the same as being a teacher's pet.

Andrew: Like holding the teacher's hand.

Madhushan: You would get into lots of trouble if you destroyed cars.

Andrew: Or pee in the school playground. Or on the walls. It's good to be good, it's bad to be bad, but it's OK to be a little bit naughty like a normal little boy and a normal little girl.

Sophie: I like the kids in my class who are a little bit naughty.

Andrew: You can get better fun with them.

Madhushan: They do fun things.

Andrew: Madhushan, he is perfect because he's a little bit naughty. When the teacher gets Madhushan into trouble, right, he just looks at the teacher like he's an infant and he's like "get this over with". Whereas I'm like, "Bring it on, hen."

Sophie: I just talk when the teacher is talking. And I sometimes fall out with my friends and be cheeky to them.

Madhushan: You never fell out with me.

Andrew: You fell out with me. And I sorted you out with my special talking powers.

Sophie: I can't fall out with you, you dodge easily, you're so small.

Andrew: And today I was quite naughty but I don't think it was naughty. I went round to ask for the soft touch footballs and then I got shouted at just for asking to take one outside. I was, like, "Wow, shoot me here," you know?

Sophie: I think you get naughtier when you get older. I started crying because I wanted a drink of water yesterday. And my cousin, she gets naughtier when she is becoming a teenager.

Andrew: You get better because you go through the (whispers) puberty, and your personalities come to you, and then you get more mature and you learn from your mistakes.

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