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Ethan, Harvey and Alex, P23, talked to Julia Belgutay recently about Valentine's Day

Ethan, Harvey and Alex, P23, talked to Julia Belgutay recently about Valentine's Day

Harvey: I forget all the time that it's Valentine's Day.

Alex: My mum keeps reminding me. She is saying that it's Valentine's Day soon.

Ethan: I just keep hearing my mum and dad talk about it - that's how I know it's coming up.

Harvey: My mum says to my dad "It's Valentine's Day soon", to remind him.

Ethan: I am not that used to Valentine's Day, 'cos it's only once a year. And I think it's for girls. Valentine's Day should be for girls, and Father's Day should be for fathers, or for boys and men. And Mother's Day should be all for girls.

Harvey: Yeah, they can go out and get their nails done.

Ethan: We have to write cards for Valentine's Day.

Alex: I am just picking two to write to.

Harvey: Well, you have to send one to your mum, your little sister.

Ethan: Boys don't exactly send Valentine's cards to boys.

Harvey: They can do that. But that's kind of a bit dodgy.

Ethan: I would get my mum new make-up for Valentine's Day, because that's what I always get her.

Harvey: Wine and whisky.

Alex: I don't know what I am going to get.

Harvey: If it was for somebody my age, I would get them make-up.

Ethan: Yeah, me too, same as Harvey.

Harvey: But if it was for somebody older, wine.

Ethan: I think it would be kind of embarrassing to write a girl a card.

Harvey: I think it would be OK, actually.

Alex: I think it would be OK. Everyone does it.

Harvey: I might write someone a card. But I'm not going to write, like...

Ethan: ... I love you.

Harvey: When people send their Christmas cards, they always put xxx at the end. I never put xxx at the end, and my mum and dad say "put xxx on it", and I'm like, "No, that's like kissing!" I'm sure I'm going to get a card from somebody. Maybe.

Ethan: Yeah, maybe!

Harvey: I would like to get one. It would be nice.

Alex: Yeah, that would be nice!

Ethan: Yeah, so you know who you're gonna marry when you're older.

Harvey: Your future bride!

Harvey: I wouldn't tell my friends if I got a card. I don't let people know. At Christmas, I was trying not to say anything.

Ethan: I told my mum and dad about the card that said "love" at Christmas. I really had to tell them. I couldn't keep it in.

Alex: If my mum says "Do you have a girlfriend?", I say no.

Harvey: If I had a girlfriend, I would still say no.

Ethan: When you are older, you would say yes.

Harvey: Like S1.

Ethan: Or 18.

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