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Killing off fit graduates

As I understand it, the Government wants to increase participation at university. Why, then, are student unions across the land closing their sports clubs?

Sheffield has just closed its walking, sky diving, windsurfing, cycling, riding, caving, canoeing and sub aqua clubs.

One of the things that most undergraduates do at university is develop a new hobby which they then take with them through their working career.

Again it seems our risk-averse society is now moving to a level where even our keenest minds are being told what is safe and what isn't.

Widening participation shouldn't just be about academic qualifications, it should also help to develop a well-rounded person with life experiences.

We have campaigns encouraging people to do some exercise, and concerns over obesity at the same time as we are depriving our future leaders and captains of industry of the opportunities to participate in sports which are both physically and mentally demanding.

If universities continue to follow this path, we'll end up with the only clubs being the drinking societies, but they'll be restricted to no more than 21 units per week!

Pete Baars 105 Ampthill Road Liverpool

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