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Kilts in the sand;Letter

THE REPORT by the Scottish Consultative Council on the Curriculum about the place of Scottish culture in the school curriculum focuses attention on a range of social, economic and political issues relevant to contemporary Scottish society.

So it is somewhat bemusing and perplexing to find that modern studies is conspicuous by its absence in the suggested subject areas which can seek to realise the objectives of the document.

It is both an insult to modern studies teachers and to the thousands of pupils who have been introduced to the rigour of social scientific analysis through S1 and S2 courses and SCE examinations to omit direct reference to the subject.

Perhaps Neil Galbraith and his team are less in touch with movements in contemporary Scottish society than those they would seek to guide? Or is there a fear in high places of what a truly educated and informed electorate will mean come election time?

Graeme Pont Principal teacher of modern studies Broomhill Avenue, Aberdeen

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