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A kind word can help needy pupils

I was perplexed to read of the controversy caused by the Scripture Gift Mission placing postcards in schools with the message "God loves people whether they're star pupils or not" (TES, June 15). I was surprised that David Hart found the action "undesirable", and that comments such as "deeply disturbing" and "shocking" were made.

Such comments are usually reserved for actions which seek to draw people into corrupt or degrading behaviour. I found it "deeply disturbing" when my young daughter was taught about deviant sexual behaviour in a biology lesson. I find it "shocking" that literature is put into schools encouraging army life to be seen as exciting and glamorous. I feel it is "undesirable" to place so much emphasis on tests that students feel they are worthless when they fail to achieve certain grades. There is little wonder that so many young people take anti-depressants or get addicted to alcohol and drugs.

In an age when people are valued only for their achievements, position in society or material possessions, it is important for all people to know they are loved and cared for. Love and kindness are the keys to emotional and psychological stability, and a cohesive society.

I am pleased the Scripture Gift Mission is attempting to support young people at a very difficult time. Whatever one's own personal views on the Christian faith, it is surely apparent that this organisation's motives and intentions are honourable, and should be accorded respect by all those concerned for the well-being of young people.

Christine Lees 13 Islestone Court, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland I had "serious concerns" when I saw notices in the toilets at a Cambridge college during the finals, informing students of a 24-hour stress counselling service, particularly when I was told of a Japanese student who had recently hung himself.

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