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Kitemark debate takes off

It would be a shame if "Kitemarking" came to be seen as a stultifying attempt to reach a set of standards ("We need a Kitemark for science and maths", 13 April). The truth is that when excellent teaching is applied to subjects, children are inspired. Science and maths are "core" in the traditional school curriculum and have enormous value, particularly when combined with subjects such as ICT, but we must not forget that it is all-round experience that shapes and inspires children. In that respect, prep school heads in effect already have a "Kitemark" of quality in their membership of the Independent Association of Prep Schools. It is not so much a mark that matters but the experience that pupils have at the point of delivery: great teaching of numeracy and science activities as part of a varied and stimulating curriculum is the key to success.

Julie Robinson, Education and training director, Independent Association of Prep Schools.

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