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The average sum PTAs raise in a year for their schools. In affluent areas, a fete can raise as much as pound;20,000

National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations


Government figures

The amount schools raised last year from parents, businesses and churches combined


of those appointed as heads in secondary schools are women; the figure for primary schools is 70%

education data surveys


The proportion of headteacher vacancies not filled in primary schools in 2004; in secondaries in the same year, the figure was 20%

Education Data Surveys


The most a head could earn in 1997



The most a head could earn in 2005


4 hrs

The unpaid overtime that a third of teaching assistants work per week.

Their full-time wages range from pound;10,560 to pound;23,313. Only chief officers work more overtime than school support staff



of absence among heads is due to work-related stress. Since 1997, their maximum pay has risen by 35%



Percentage of teachers in Hong Kong who have considered committing suicide.

And 36% have considered quitting their jobs

Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers

1 in 10

Heads who approve of the 'coercive leadership' model of Winston Churchill.

They most admire the management style of Mahatma Gandhi


1 in 3

The proportion of fires in schools that start during the school day. Two schools are damaged or destroyed by arson every day

Arson Prevention Bureau


The HIV rate among teachers in South Africa

south african government

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