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Lancashire - Altogether now - at long last

A lancashire primary school has ended its 20-year battle to locate all its pupils on the same site.

Pupils at Lostock Hall Primary have occupied two buildings more than a mile apart since the junior and infant schools merged in 1990.

After years of attempts by successive heads and governors, the junior school department has been refurbished and extended to accommodate the infant school, which had been occupying a crumbling, century-old Victorian building.

The move came about after current headteacher Ian Kirkland grew tired of flitting between buildings and hatched a plan which took two years to be realised.

He said the 420 pupils are already seeing the benefits, and he took his first full school assembly last week. Until now, whole-school gatherings, such as Christmas assemblies, had to be held at the local high school.

Speaking to the Lancashire Evening Post, Mr Kirkland said: "It is really good to have all the children and staff together. They can just walk down the corridor now into the infant area.

"I firmly believe that the children will benefit tremendously educationally from being on one site, not just the children who are here now but future generations. This is a legacy. It has taken a long time." RV.

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