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Language skills

LEARNING TO LISTEN TO LEARN: USING MULTI-SENSORY TEACHING FOR EFFECTIVE LISTENING. By Helen White and Christina Evans. Paul Chapman Publishing. Pounds 17.99

What a gem. This book introduces a whole-school approach to an area that has previously been addressed by speech and language specialists working with small groups. This approach helps to develop language processing skills by improving the auditory and visual attention skills used in listening activities. Aimed at key stage 3, the programme can be adapted and used for key stages 2 and 4, and adults.

Developing auditory and visual attention skills leads to noticeable improvements in social skills and behaviour as well as improving learning.

This programme is clearly explained and can be implemented in two teaching sessions. The resources on the CD-Rom will be invaluable for reminding pupils of the skills they should be using to learn to listen.

This interactive and fun approach explains the difference between the skills of social listening and listening skills necessary for processing information in learning.

Angie Rutter

Specialist teacher, communication and interaction team, Buckinghamshire

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