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Ages 14 to 16

I play "The Weakest Link" with my language pupils - it's good for GCSE questions and role-plays.

The class sits in a large circle. They can play for sweets, merit marks or whatever works in your school.

Each pupil is given a statement or asked a question. For instance, "How do you say 'how do I get to the railway station?'" After you have elicited five correct responses in a row, the fifth child must say "Bank" and they bank a sweet or point.

In my lessons, we keep on playing until we have banked enough for the whole class.

Anne Robinson-style insults are not necessary, but are obviously a bonus if pupils can understand them in the target language. You can even teach them some in readiness. For instance, in German: "Das war dumm von dir" (That was silly of you), "Du redest volligen Blodsinn" (You're talking complete nonsense) and "Wo hast du diesen Schlips gekauft?" (Where did you buy that tie?)

Sara Sullivan is head of languages at Woodlands School in Basildon, Essex

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