Large measure of interest

HOW MATHEMATICS WORKS By Carol Vorderman Dorling Kindersley Pounds 14. 99

Carol Vorderman is best known as a television broadcaster, whose programmes popularise maths and science, making them easier to understand. The aim of her book is to bring the world of mathematics alive by discovery, and to make daunting concepts intelligible to all ages.

The text is subdivided into seven sections: number, proportions, algebra,statistics, measurement, shape, and thinking. With the help of verbal and pictorial explanations, experiments involving only simple household equipment, investigations, tricks, puzzles, games and discoveries, the book covers an enormous variety of topics from area to zero and everything mathematical you can think of in between. It is all rounded off with a glossary, index, and a set of answers to the many problems posed.

The book is clear, easy to read, and laid out attractively and colourfully. The pictures are excellent, the diagrams are helpful, and there are many beautiful photographs to enhance the reader's enjoyment.

This is a veritable cornucopia of good things, suitable for anyone aged 9 to 90 who has a single mathematical bone in their body: an absolute must for school and class libraries.

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