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At last - a head leads the NAHT

Headteachers should rejoice - at last we have a real head at the helm of the National Association of Head Teachers. I never understood why someone who has not experienced the rigours of managing a school in 2005 was considered in the first place.

Mick Brookes understands the complicated world of education politics and will provide realistic leadership for embattled heads.

The workload agreement will not work in practice. The majority of schools do not have sufficient funds to implement the strategy and classroom assistants will assume the role of professional, qualified teachers in the majority of primaries.

We will have the ugly spectacle of lawsuits, backed by teacher unions, against heads who cannot cope with the working-time fiasco.

The need for one "union" for all classroom professionals is paramount and I believe the passion and commitment shown for sensible, firm and reasonable negotiations by Mick Brookes will lead teachers down this road to Damascus.

Tony Callaghan 66 Waveney Road Harpenden Hertfordshire

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