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The 'late' show

So good to turn to "Living the dream" in the TES Magazine (February 5). Helpfully accompanied by a photograph of students, including an older man, the article purported to talk about becoming a teacher "later in life". The actual subject of the article? A 26-year-old.

Now, I'm sorry, but I really don't think that counts as "later" in anybody's life. Well, I suppose if you're 25.

To end the article by suggesting that mature students might find ICT a challenge makes a mockery of the actual experience that many of us bring into teaching. My decision, at the age of 41, finally to do something useful with my life made me jettison a successful business as a freelance writer and editor. This really is a dream for me - and better "later" than never.

Hilary Robertson, English faculty, Fearnhill School.

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